My third eye opens, and I see the path, a narrow tunnel through branches dripping emerald leaves.

The path opens to a clearing.

Golden light fills the space.

To one side is a crystal healing chamber, to the other, my cave of infinite treasure.

Fairies dance in the air, an ancient Native Grandfather stands watch, three witches weave healing potions with love drawn from Source.The Energy of Money shimmers, sprouting peacock feathers which makes the Energy of my Business laugh in delight.

I begin, drawing a circle in the dirt, outlining it with stones etched with my values:

Connection, fairness, respect, love, acknowledgment, belonging, awakening.

Stepping into the circle, I feel my body tingling with energy.

I feel you.

I was once told that my super power is being able to see what is not visible, hear what is not heard.

In this place I see you. I see the parts of you that feel small and unimportant. I feel your anger, your helplessness, you sense of being left out. I understand the frustration of doing every thing “right” and still not having the results.

And beyond the illusions I see the truth of you.

I see the magic that lives in your body. I see the wisdom that grew from all your tears. I see the healing you are meant to create in the world. I see the powerful, delicate, strong, sassy woman that lives beneath the masks that society has imposed. I see the Divine in you.

And I invite you to explore with me the healing of your wounded parts, the calling forth of your true Divine essence. For in this essence are the keys to creating all you desire:

  • A business that fills your bank account and lights you up.
  • A relationship with money that allows you to live a juicy, extraordinary life.
  • A marketing strategy that magnetically attracts the RIGHT clients who are transformed by your work.
  • Work that is easeful, and leaves time for all the other things that matter ~ Family, self-care, fun.

This begins when you attend the Art of Feminine Marketing Live, Feb 21-23 in Monterey, CA

You’ll learn how your wounds can gift you with magnetic marketing language.

You’ll open and remove the blocks to creating more money.

You’ll create a marketing calendar that works for your whole life.

You’ll receive the support and enhanced energetic boost from a community of women committed to your highest and best.

If you feel the pull to attend, but have not yet reserved your seat, do so now.  Our room block expires at the end of the month, and the investment will be going up.

With all my heart,

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