I’ve taken my morning walk alone, wrapped in scarves my wool cap pulled low over my forehead. I recognize ancient tapes running through my mind. I am three weeks from my annual live gathering and the wraths whisper insidiously.

“We are going to fail,” they say. “YOU are going to fail. No one will come. This will be the start of your most disastrous year. No one will sign up for your programs, no one will pay you for your magic.”

I am filled with visions of what all of these failures will bring. I will be unable to pay my bills, I will drown in debt. I will be forced to work a low paying job that brings me no joy.

And even as I feel the primal fear coursing through my body, I recognize the lies. These are not my truths.

Source is my source. Source has my back. Source has never let me down.

And, with all that I am, I know the truth of this.

At this moment a small brown messenger darts across my path. I’ve seen the bunnies here before, but never one so clearly in my path.

My first animal card reading placed rabbit energy in my heart. I have always felt her here, quick and nimble.

I pull out my phone and look up rabbit totem. The rabbit, it says, is a symbol of fertility, prosperity, and abundance.

I laugh. I had just been pleading with source to let me do this work for one more year, and rabbit came to reassure me.

I’ve decided that I will let the old tape run. I won’t fight it. I will simply notice that it was there, an old neural pathway that hasn’t yet disappeared.

While it runs, I continue to do the things necessary to prepare for what I know will be the most magical weekend.

I check in with my Highest Self and take action based on her guidance. Action from here feels powerful, inspired. The voices fade a little more into the background.

I check in with the Energy of my Business. Its strong, determined, pushing my edges so I can hold all of it. I recognize that I have partnered with a powerful new way of doing business. The wraths quiet, no match for my Business’s intention.

I connect with the Energy of Money. It tells me its excited to share its secrets with those who attend. It has messages for the women. It wants to partner with them to create more abundance for and through them.

We have four seats left. I invite you to consider joining us for the Art of Feminine Marketing Live February 21-23 in Monterey California.

You’ll learn to connect with the Energy of your Business so you’ll know, with certainty, the next right steps forward.

You’ll create marketing in partnership with your Highest Self, so it’s soulful, magnetic and attracts your Divine Right Clients.

You’ll expand your ability to receive, so more money, abundance and love can enter your life.

Register today. Only 4 seats left.

With all my heart,

PS. If you need a hand up, I still have one scholarship to give. Send me a note and let me know why I should give it to you.

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