As I’m getting ready for our annual live gathering, I’m reviewing what I’ve done over the last several years and the body of work that has been birthed through me.

This stuff is good.

Yep, that was a brag.

Bragging is an essential self-witnessing of our own power. Our growth.

I brag that I understand the power of our wounded parts. I know how to pull those parts from the shadows and mine their gifts to create magnetic marketing.

I brag that I have the healing magic to guide women in reintegrating those wounded parts, becoming whole so that their work becomes holy.

I brag that I know how to partner with the Energy of Money to bring that holy work into the physical world, and I brag that I get to share this knowledge with others.

I brag that the Art of Feminine Marketing Live 2020 will be over-the-top transformational. I feel it in the depths of my soul.

(We have 2 seats left; so you can still join us. Send me a note and let’s make it happen.)

We are taught as children not to brag. To dim the light of our own magnificence. To avoid being “full of ourselves.” This lesson kills our self-confidence, our creativity and our unique magic.

And it kills our ability to market ourselves and our work.

So today, I invite you to BRAG!

Brag wildly of all the things that make you special, make you unique, make you important in the world.

Brag about what you’ve accomplished, what you’ve created.

Brag about your power, your successes, your love.

Brag because you are special, in your own way.


With all my heart,

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