Last weekend, at my annual Art of Feminine Marketing Live Event, I found myself talking about business as a spiritual path. I told the women that just when you think you have it all figured out, you will be asked to step outside your comfort zone and grow again.

We talked about the trapeze bar of life.

Danann Parry in Warriors From The Heart,  talks about the trapeze bar as the thing that we cling to, even as the next trapeze bar swings toward us. That we must let go of the old one in order to reach the new one. And that soaring through space, with no net, is the place where growth happens.

Many of you are clinging to your trapeze bar of the moment as the next one gets closer and closer. The thing is, once it arrives, it swings back and you are not be able to catch it. Without your weight, your focus, your willingness, the trapeze bar slows and eventually stops swinging. In this urgent moment, you  have missed it.

During my event, I realized that I too, was being worked by the work. Some of the women even mentioned that I was able to go deeper in my connection to Source to bring real magic into the weekend.

I came home knowing the Divine Feminine was calling me to a new trapeze bar.  Deeper magic.

Fortunately, I brought two magic, loving, badass women home with me, Therese and Lindsay.

So, we spent Monday digging deeper. Not so much plotting a game plan, but routing out what might stop me. The same things that the women in the event this weekend said  stop them. Probably the same things that stop you; e.g. I don’t have enough certificates, I have too many certificates,  I have too many other responsibilities, I’m too small, too weak, too powerless. As each thought popped up, I laughed. Because I know that none of it is true.

If I believe it, the witches in me scold. My friends roll their eyes  — in the most loving way. And Source tells me truth.

Last night, as I lay in the Epsom salt bath, a spell popped into my head. It’s super simple and I’ve used it before for direction.

Before bed, I ask a question that is weighing on my mind. Something really important that I don’t have an answer for. And as I pass through the veil from sleep to awake, answers come. They come as visions, symbols, and once, as a Jewish woman with a strong accent who threatened to throw me in a whale to get me to move.

But last night, the answer was immediate.

I asked, “Show me the way to move forward with what you are calling me to do.”

Then I picked up my book and opened it to this page:

“Stop looking for a way out of the underworld,” the Medusa told me. “Instead, start looking for a way to claim your dominion…”

The message was pretty clear. And it was clear that it was meant for all of us.

Today I am offering you a private session with me. We will talk about anything that stops you, clarify where you are unclear, and discuss next steps in you claiming your dominion.

**Action Item: Activate your Divine Masculine and Book Your Session NOW!!

Sending you so much love and gratitude,

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