I’m opening the doors to The Art of Feminine Marketing Sistermind.

**This only happens once a year.**

The program as been so successful for the past several years, I thought I’d run it as I’ve always done.

Source informs me, though,  that it’s time to uplevel.

You see, you can take simple online programs and learn marketing formulas.

You can hire an expert to run your social media.

You can jump into a program with 100 other business newbies and learn some basic techniques.

The Sistermind is different … because I go deep.

You can’t be successful if there are parts of you that are hidden in the shadows, afraid that success will bring danger, that visibility will threaten the core of your relationships, and that money will turn you into a monster. And while you may not believe that on the surface, somewhere deep inside your unconscious mind, these parts whisper.

What makes the Sisterhood different is that we don’t run from the shadows. We don’t push away your doubts and ‘do it anyway’ by shear force of will.

That is the bully masculine way.

We don’t tell you to ‘get over it’ and ‘get on with it’.

We dive in.

We do the deep work of mining gifts from your wounds, healing the wounded parts.

This allows you to reintegrate all of who you are.

Oh wow… this is not the way they teach us to operate. Not the way I was told to market.

Here is the deal, until you do the deep work of building you from the inside out, you won’t be able to hold the business you are dreaming.

You might hit the mark once or twice, but something will always pull you away.

I’ve always focused on building my clients from the inside out. Creating a strong foundation so that when we add the masculine aspects: marketing, list building, crafting programs, my clients ARE the ones who can be the leader of their business.

This year? We are going deeper.

Holy s*#t.

I will be tapping into my connection to Source, communicating with your unseen helpers, bringing my witchy magic into our work. I will show you the way to heal your inner wounds, to heal your relationship with money, to partner with Source in creating a business that works for you.

~~  Got ancestral beliefs blocking your path? Let’s clear them.

~~ Old family patterns holding you back? Let’s deconstruct them.

~~ Past life Karma keeping you trapped? Time to rewrite old agreements, release old grievances.

It’s time to forgive YOURSELF for all your patterns of self-oppression. It’s time to venture into the shadows to  find and illuminate those parts that you’ve hidden because they weren’t acceptable, comfortable, felt silly, embarrassing or are scary.

It’s time to reintegrate all of you. It’s time for the world to hear your roar.

When you do this, you become whole, your work becomes holy. Source becomes your partner, Money arrives to support the work, your Business shines, you are recognized.

Sister, I invite you to lean into the dream you’ve been dreaming for a while now. What will change in 6 months if nothing changes?

Let’s talk

With all my heart

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