Three years ago, I sent away a woman I adore to another teacher. I was afraid that I didn’t know enough, haven’t trained enough, hadn’t studied all the rules well enough to serve her.

Two years ago, I encountered a dark fairy who attempted to steal my powers. And while she wove her evil spell I wrestled within. I questioned my ways, my words, my wisdom. Finding the deep well of truth in my connection to Source, I was able to banish her.

One year ago, a wise woman born of ancient wisdom, walking these modern times, recognized my power. “You can heal“ she whispered to me. I turned inward and discovered healing magic.

Two weeks ago, I opened myself as a channel of the Divine Feminine. I created a sacred space and led a powerful group of women through their own darkness and into infinite possibility. I hid nothing. Didn’t pretend to be someone I wasn’t.

Some found it strange and mystical. A world of love, respect and Magic. Some felt healing in their bodies, in their hearts, in their souls. Ancient family beliefs were rewritten, disempowering ancestral patterns were dismissed.

And Source called me to go deeper. To release my clinging to any of the old beliefs about who I should be, how I should be acceptable, who I might anger if I come out in my full power.

The Divine reviewed my resume with me:

  • I was raised Roman Catholic, and I learned the power of ritual.
  • I lived for a year during second grade in a house that was haunted by four spirits. I learned how to see across the veil and to shut it down when I wanted.
  • I walked the underworld in a 20 year abusive marriage, and I found a pathway out.
  • I studied with shaman and psychics and wise women of the world who showed me the ancient ways.
  • More than once I fell into deep meditation, breath work guiding me to uncover the witches within, the magic parts of me who had lived in times when witches were burned at the stake, beaten with a staff, left to rot in the forest.
  • I used all of this to craft a 6-figure business, manifest a home I love, and build an amazing relationship.

I have to tell you, I love my business. I love the Art of Feminine Marketing Sistermind program. I love helping women build successful businesses.

Yet, this year, Source tells me, the program will be different. We will go deeper. Healing the wounds of mind, body, soul. Building a foundation of BEing the person who can hold the future that is coming.

There will be more ritual, some spell work, and deep meditation magic. The energy of Money will partner with us, the Divine Masculine will rise in service to the Creation of the Feminine.

And… as is often the case when working in the Feminine, not all is clear. The mystery remains.

This work is not easy;  yet it is the only way.

Today, I invite you to join me. Let us journey together to reclaim your full power and stand as the woman who is made to lead your tribe, your people.

The first step is an interview to see if you are right for this journey, if the journey is right for you. Schedule time with me here.

With all my heart,

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