I’ve been through community crisis before.

When I was 6 years old and my mother woke me by handing me a pillow case and telling me to fill it with clothes and a few of my favorite toys. We had 15 minutes to be ready to leave, while my parents loaded the truck with our dogs, cats, my dad’s coin collection and few photo albums. I still remember the outline of the mountain, the rim of red flames cresting the ridge as we raced through hot spots to my uncle’s house in the valley.

As a young mother, distracting my flock of children, while the rain fell, washing away roads, bridges and a friend’s home. We were without power, without access for days.

Then, just a few years ago, watching Facebook live video of another fire creeping within hundreds of feet of our second home. Feeling out of control, unable to do anything but watch. And grateful that this was our second home and we were safe in our primary house.

This feels similar to those experiences. My memory tells me to hunker down, feel all the feelings, and wait.

And today feels very different in so many ways This is bigger. This is the whole world, not just my part. The fear in the air is palpable.

I knew, when we ended my live event a few weeks ago that I was being called to something deeper, something more. I didn’t know that the whole world would be called.

I was talking with my team this morning about how to approach business this week and in the weeks to come. This, for me, is generally a BIG income producing month. My calendar says it’s time to enroll in my year long program.

Yet, going on with business as usual doesn’t seem right.

It doesn’t seem fair to ask people to make buying decisions when filled with fear.

I see the posts on social media, I’ve received a few emails urging that NOW is the time to buy a “how to build an online business” program. NOW is the time to write that book! Hell, I’ve even received  an email from my favorite cider brew pub that they will be open on Wednesday and that would be a good time to come get some hard cider.

Everything in me shouts  “No, not now”!

While I’d love to chat with you about growing your business in 2020, my soul is telling me to redirect and help clear the fear that is permeating the planet; to find my center, strengthen my connection to Source; and to support YOU in doing the same.

A few days ago, as I dropped into meditation with a soul-sister, I saw a bonfire on the beach. Around it danced a number of women; healers, witches, lightworkers. Some tended the fire, some gathered wood, some reached into the sky and pulled the clouds of fear that are darkening the planet into the fire. They sweetened the flame with sweetgrass so their prayers could reach the heavens, added sage for clearing, cedar for protection.

Later, I recorded this meditation in my private Facebook group.

I invite you to join us in the group and in the meditation. Use it, adapt it to your style, share it with friends.

The Corona virus is real, and we must take appropriate action and caution. (Follow the guidelines from the WHO and your local government.)

Fear is just as dangerousFear will eat away at our souls and lower our ability to resist disease and to heal. This we can address together.

Join the Facebook group and listen to the meditation. 

Apply it daily or more.

If there is anyway that I can support you further, please reach out.

I’m here for you,

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