As I regain my equilibrium, I find myself looking ahead at what the world could look like when we come out of this; where my skills will be most needed; and what the world will need to heal.  (** Just added gifts for your evolution are listed at the end of this email. Please read it all.**)

I’m seeing that these are the times for which we, you and I, were made.

It is time for we witches to come out of hiding.

Time for us to reclaim those parts of ourselves that we’ve hidden in the shadows.

Time for us to relearn the magic that has passed down to us, and to let go of the false stories about who we should be.

Time for us to remember that we hold real magic in our wombs, in our palms, in our throats.

Time for women to gather on the soul plane and dance our healing into the planet.

The Divine Feminine has opened to us and asks us to rise and meet her.

The truth is that you cannot have the business you are dreaming of, as the woman you are today. You must become the woman who can hold a 6 or 7-figure business with ease and respect, then the business can come to you.

There is a duality that you must embody to do this work.

  • How do you BE a 6- figure business owner before you have earned 6 figures?
  • How do hold that you are a powerful Manifestor even as you are learning to manifest?
  • How do you create magic for other people as you are learning to create magic for you?
  • How do you hold the truth that you can help others create results while you are still creating your results?

We find the answer in our connection to the Divine Feminine.

SHE teaches us how to weave our words into magic spells.

SHE teaches us how to use ritual to step into our future selves and live that now.

SHE teaches us how to walk this world and the spirit world at the same time in full awareness of both so that are creating in partnership with Source and manifesting our creation on the physical plane.

SHE teaches us to dance with the Energy of Money to open the flow of abundance in our lives.

SHE is the guide we have been searching for.

With all my heart,

Opportunities to up your ability to BE:

On Wednesday, we will re-release our Friends with Money Challenge.

It these unsettled times it is more important that ever to have a good relationship with money. My team and I will share one money affirmation and a writing prompt for you each day in the Facebook Group.

We will then discuss, as a community, what each of you discovers in your conversations with money. This will strengthen your ability to attract money, even during economic uncertainty.

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This is the time to reach out and get the support you need. On the coaching calls we can: Swamp out any negative emotions you are feeling, tap into what Source desires for your next evolution, brainstorm ways to move forward even in uncertain times. Open to everyone.

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