How are you navigating the new world?

I have some news to share.

Last year I was urged by Source to teach a  program about Money. I was hesitant. Surely others knew more than I did.

But as I opened myself to follow this direction, I realized that I have been studying the energy of Money for more than 20 years. I’ve had fantastic teachers, not the least being Money itself.

I manifest what I want and have created a great life.

So I jumped in, and the course was amazing.

I know because I’ve had several people come back and tell me how much learning just one of the principles changed their relationship with Money, their ability to have what they want, and helped them to make more!

When the world public health crisis broke, I felt the collective fear across the planet. I asked, “how can I help?”

At first, it was just checking in with my tribe, leading healing meditations, and increasing my self-care.

And then My friend, Therese, asked,   “What does your tribe need now?”

“To get over their money fear and learn how to manifest abundance,” I heard myself say.

I felt the stirrings of my Divine Masculine ready to take action. I recognized the opening as my Divine Feminine nodded. “It is time,” she said, “to share the Art of Feminine Money again.”

And Money asked me to discount the investment so that more women could be part of it.

So, beginning April 27, it’s eight calls, one per week.

Each week we’ll cover an aspect of Money that will open you to receive more. The principles I share are spiritual laws for creating a partnership with the energy of Money. This allows you to manifest abundance, even in uncertain economic times.

And, as I always do, I leave space for Money itself to speak with us and share new wisdom.

Last year the investment was $1500. This year I’ve discounted the investment to $997. And I’m setting up extended payment plans so you can take advantage of the wisdom NOW and pay over time.

Feel into your body. Does this sound like it would serve you?

If so, let’s chat and get you registered

With all my heart,

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