This week I made a big investment in my business.

I’m excited… and scared.

“It’s just a tough time to be spending money,” I said to my husband, afraid he would think I was being foolish.

“You’ve  always invested when times are tough, and the normal course of things is disrupted.” he reminded me.

And it’s true. In moments when most people are contracting, I push myself to expand. I seek new mentors, bigger growth opportunities.

That impulse, while scary, always results in a bigger Return on the Investment than I could have imagined, because when the disruption settles, I am really ready to begin anew.

I hired my first business coach when the housing market collapsed taking my husband’s planning consulting business with it. Money was super tight, so I used my emergency credit card to pay my coach.

Within 3 months my coaching income had doubled. Within 9 months, it had tripled.

The same thing happened when I enrolled in my last certification program. I had just hired a wealth and business coach that my heart longed for. I just love that woman’s teachings and I  paid a TON of money upfront to work with her.  

When the opportunity to join the first class of a new, highly valuable certification program with a different teacher came, my mind said no. But my soul was a full bodied yes.

I knew I was supposed to do both, and I signed up, with no idea where the money would come from.

Again, my income rose dramatically. As did my skill, my understanding, my joy, my client’s results, and my ability to create magic in the world.

So, when this new thing popped up, I fought it. I called my friend and told her I wasn’t going to do it. Then waxed poetic for 15 minutes about the beauty of the training.

I told myself, “No, no, no, not now,” 100 times.

Then…. I hit that moment of clarity and knew it was right.

Maybe you are feeling this way about the Art of Feminine Money Partnership.

“It sounds really good, Julie,” you are thinking, “but this just isn’t the right time.”

You are feeling really powerless not being in control of just about everything right now. You might be feeling a little helpless and small. You might feel as though you’re crawling into your cocoon, promising you’ll get back to work once the world returns to normal.

That is not going to happen.

The world is rapidly headed toward a new normal on so many levels. 

The world is changed, and now we have this opportunity to decide how we will lead the change. I founded my business on a driving principle: that women with means get a seat at the table of decision makers. My goal is to help as many women as possible attract as much money, in alignment with their soul’s purpose, as possible.

Now, more than ever, this is a priority.

To create a flow of money, you must open, not contract. You must be willing to partner with Money. You must create a positive, open connection with the Energy of Money. You must learn it’s patterns and rhythm so that you can be part of the flow.

And sometimes, you must invest in yourself and your business at a bad time. Because that is when growth really accelerates.

I ask you to consider this for just a moment:

  • What would it be like to drop all your excuses?
  • To set aside your fear?
  • To understand yourself as the ultimate creator of your reality?
  • To know, without a shadow of a doubt, that Source has your back and you will be ok?
  • You are important, you are loved.

I invite you to join the Art of Feminine Money Partnership. Do it now HERE. We start April 27.

With all my heart,

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