As the world continues to sit in unknowing, I’ve become ever more sure.

From the beginning I’ve rested in the knowledge that Source is my Source.

When adversity has reared its head, I remind myself of this truth.

And a funny thing happened. Sales for my year – long program were far below what they normally are. A few years ago, this would have sent me into a panic.

But I know in my bones that my clients, my programs, my business are not my Source. Source is.

So, I listened, I pivoted, I hired a new mentor who offered a different perspective, I connected with my business sisters to soak in their energy.

It all worked beautifully.

I received two pretty big checks- completely unexpected and through a surprising channel. (Not stimulus related.)

I leaned into all my money wisdom to know that I’ll be fine, and so will you.

One of my biz sisters, Emma Churchman, is an expert in all things energy, mindset and vibration. We had a couple of mind-blowing talks together, and I asked if I could share her wisdom with you.

So tomorrow, Friday April 24, she is going to hop on Facebook in our Feminine Marketing Magic Group and we are going to allow the Divine Feminine to spill her wisdom through us. Because that’s what happens when  Emma and I are together.

If you haven’t already, join the group here.

Plus, Emma has so kindly offered to share one of her most popular courses, Uplevel Your Vibration in 5 Easy Steps, as a FREE gift to my tribe.

I’m so excited to share this to you as a way to help support you through this time of uncertainty.

Download Uplevel Your Vibration in 5 Easy Steps and learn how to align and manifest your desires consistently — and on demand:

Please enjoy this special gift from me to you!

With all my heart,

NOTE: Want to know how I manifested those two big checks?  Join the Art of Feminine Money Partnership here. We start Monday!

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