As I opened the door to my inner mediation garden, I was greeted by alligators.

I was surprised. I’ve never seen alligators in my meditations before.

“Why are you here?” I asked the alligators.

“We are guardians,” they responded. “You are moving into your most sacred work to date. It is deep and edgy. Others (like your kids) may not get it. You must choose who you allow in your world. The women who join you must be brave. We will give passage to the right ones.”

I was shown a gathering of women, each with magic burning in her soul, her heart, her womb.

The message was clear. Witches, healers, mystic have been hiding in the shadows.

Our DNA carries the memory of being burned at the stake, thrown in the river, ostracized from society because we know our true nature. That we are one with Source, the true creators, able to craft magic from the essence of all that is.

But the world has shifted.

Mama Earth has put her foot down.

It’s time for us to step forward, Sister:

Time for us to become visible;

Time for us to offer our magic widely in the world;

Time for us to claim our rightful place.

And we don’t give our magic away for free, because that creates an energetic imbalance and karmic debt for the ones who receive value but don’t reciprocate.

Not the kind of thing you want to be creating right now. Any thought that imparts a message that it’s not holy to charge for your work, doesn’t understand the nature of Source. These thoughts and messages represent the bullshit paradigm of lack.

And Source is Abundant.

Simply look at nature to see the proof of this.

Source wants you to have a kickass business where you get to do your soul-purpose work. Source also wants you to have a juicy, abundant life in the physical plane.

If you have one without the other, you are only playing half the game.

It is your holy responsibility to become wealthy so you have the support, the freedom, the security to do your work widely.

With all my heart,

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