Here is a short affirmation to help you ground in the truth of your magic and your connection to the Divine that lives within you.

Allow some time to let the words sink in.

Source is my source

I’m formed from Source energy

Source is part of me

I am Source

Source is that which all things are made

I am that of which all things are made

I direct the making through the understanding of my soul’s purpose for being on the planet

I create my blocks for my soul’s learning

I create my solutions so I can serve my clients

I create abundance when I am consistently aware of blocks rising to the surface and using spiritual practices to create solutions that drive inspired and soul-fueled actions.

I am the Creator.

I invite you to share your reflections on our Facebook page.

When we share, the community learns collectively, building on wisdom as each woman shares her perspective. This is part of being in the feminine.

With all my heart,

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