This week has been hard.

After a couple of hard months.

I’m feeling it.

At first, I stay silent.

It wasn’t my place to speak. I have no capacity to know what it’s like to be black in America in this time.

But today, I see that my silence makes me complicit.

So, I will tell you where I stand.

I can’t tolerate violence. Yet, I understand why some are moved to violence.

I don’t blame all police. I do not think police are the problem. (Although I’ve found so many reasons to question this belief lately.)

The problem is racism. The problem is that we compare ourselves to others and deem others, or ourselves, as less than and react out of hate.

The problem is that racism pervades our institutions.

The problem is that we, white people, don’t fully comprehend or recognize our own racism.

The problem is, we leaders think it’s someone else’s issue to speak on.

Well, as recent events tell us, that is just not the case.  

This is going to be messy; however, this is what my company, my family and my mission are committed to:

Diversity and inclusion.

Listening deeply.

Taking imperfect action.

Asking if I can do more (yes, always yes). 

Continuing the work of my mission… 

I believe that women will change the world.

Mothers and grandmothers of all colors, united in our desire for our children and grandchildren to thrive.

For all children to thrive.

I will continue my work to empower women so they remember their divinity.

In the Divine there is enough for all. There is abundance. There is a recognition that we are one and what I do to my sister, I also do to myself.

In the Divine is where healing happens.

When enough of us remember, we will have the power to change things. We will speak words of power that heal hearts filled with hatred. We will march and start revolutions that shift the way we treat each other. We will take a seat at the table of decision makers and create policies that honor our sisters and brothers, mama earth, all that is.

I must believe that we can.

The world has split open. Change is upon us. It’s uncomfortable. It hurts.

It is an opportunity.

With all my heart,

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