Manifesting magic works

… for money, and also for puppies.

Lately I’m manifesting like crazy!

I ask, “How do I?” and a mentor pops into my inbox with an answer.

I say “I’m going to show women how to manifest $3k this month” and $3k shows up unexpectedly in my mailbox. (I’ve had several  of these Money Miracles lately).

So, I decided to teach my 8 year-old granddaughter to manifest.

You see, she wants a puppy very badly.

She has convinced her parents that she is ready for the responsibility.

But when our public health crises emerged, the animal shelters emptied out. There are no puppies to be found.

Last night, as her dad rolled his eyes at me, I had her write out a “puppy manifesting spell” using the practices I teach.

I told her to repeat the spell every day. It might take a year for the puppy to arrive or it might just take an hour.

She nodded her understanding.

30 minutes later, as we were leaving her house, the most adorable little bull dog appeared out of nowhere, circled us, then ran over and sat on her doorstep.

After laughing and returning the dog to its owner down the street, my granddaughter refined her spell to add that she wanted a puppy that was available for adoption, not owned by someone else.

Manifesting has become much, much easier in recent months as the veil between spirit and physical has thinned. Now is the time to be manifesting your dreams.

So, in July I’m bringing together a small community of committed coaches, healers, and mystics, all the women who are witches, sorceresses, high priestesses, goddesses.

… and showing them how to naturally attract abundance and manifest an extra $3,000 … or $6,000 … or even $10,000:

… even with pandemic fears running rampant and a recession looming;

… without having to spend hours isolating in meditation on a mountaintop;

… and without having to sacrifice their Soul, their family or their health to do it.

Whenever they want!

Want to join us?

Just send me a message with the subject “I want to manifest” and I’ll get back to you with next steps.

With all my heart,

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