This week I posted this on my Facebook feed:

I was blown away by all the incredible answers.

Women responded:

   They share and collaborate with others sisters to lift them up.

   When women have money, LIFE happens!

   MOST of us share it to lift others, and ourselves, up.

   When women have money they bring/enhance the beauty in the home.

   Goodness happens! When we do well financially, we can do good in the world!

   Generosity happens. Hope and dreams get funded.

   Nurturing happens!

   When women have money EVERYTHING happens!

   Change happens


   When women have money, freedom happens!

   Magic happens

   When women have money….We become a portal to greater things in life!


My heart fills with hope reading this wisdom.

The energy of money is a powerful force in the world.

Now, more than ever, it’s essential for us to claim our divine right to an abundant and rich life.

Operating out of scarcity and competition drains our life force.. and creates a world in chaos.

I’m committed to reforming the world into:

   A kinder place

   A more understanding place

   A more abundant place

For that to happen, I believe that women need to open to the flow of money.

So, I’m opening the doors to The Art of Manifesting Money

For 6 weeks, beginning July 13, I’m bringing together a small community of committed coaches, healers, mystics and creative women entrepreneurs and showing them how to naturally attract abundance and manifest an extra $3000 or more.

… even with pandemic fears running rampant and a recession looming

… without having to spend hours isolating in meditation on a mountaintop

… and without having to sacrifice their soul, health or time with their family to do it

Whenever they want!

I got an email from a current client this weekend letting me know her current focus was to manifest $30,000

…. She had a couple of goals that that $30k would make it possible.

She was stunned to report that $34,000 had just showed up.

Not me… Money miracles have been popping up all over.

Imagine that it was you sending me that email.

We will cover the strategy in The Art of Manifesting Money so you start manifesting right away.

Want to join us?

Drop me a message with “I want to manifest $ (add your own number) in the subject and I’ll get some info out to you.

With all my heart,

PS… have you noticed my theme around money lately? It’s because I’m on a mission to get more money in the hands of more women who will Make A Difference.

You are invited to be one of them.

Email me and let me know how much money you want to manifest.

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