It seems like so much is happening right now.

When the world cracked open and we were asked to shelter in place, it felt like the outside world slowed down.

But I felt a quickening. As if something was happening in the spirit realm (a place with no time) that was speeding my evolution.

My inner witches stirred. I feel their magic in my body more strongly.

And then the protests started.

Wave after wave of energy washing against systems that seemed immovable, imbedded in hate, competition and scarcity.

My sense of justice wailed. Why are we still here? My whole life I’ve watched the struggle for equality and we are back here again. Why can’t this change? I thought.

But today, I feel hope. The energy is different. The waves of our anger are washing against those institutions that accommodate beliefs that some are more valuable than others because of their sex, the color of their skin, or who they love.

There is still so much work to do. I still have so much work to do ON ME! And I still have my mission in the world.

So, while I educate myself and do the work of rooting out my own racism, I choose to keep my business running. I choose to continue to market. I choose to honor the commitments I have made to my clients, my co-collaborators, my team and my work.

I came to the planet at this time with a particular mission. You did too. Now, maybe your mission is to march, to be in the streets demanding change.

Maybe your mission is to be putting pen to paper. Creating magic with words that can shift perceptions, open the minds to gather new allies.

Or perhaps it’s something else entirely. 

I’ve become very, very clear that my part is to get more money in the hands of more women as quickly as possible. Source is opening more and more channels to get that money to use. With it, we have more resources to make the changes we desire… in our lives, our family’s lives, our community, our country

… even the planet.

Sister, find what is yours and keep doing it.

The clues are here, in the mission you were living before this all started. In the soul work you were already doing. ** Hint: it’s that, only deeper.

Yes, take the time to educate yourself, to evolve your values and beliefs. And keep going.  Invest  the time to reshape your company as you evolve.

Your work is needed.

With all my heart,

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To your juicy and abundant life!!

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