I’m so delighted to share that my book, Love Based Feminine Marketing: The Art of Growing a 6-Figure Business Without Hustle, Grind, or Force, is available on Amazon TODAY!!!

Woohoo!!!  No, really woohoo😊

You can get the book on right now for only 99 cents.

This is a moment years in the making.

Literally…. My life is in this book. The keys to building a Divine Feminine Business that provides a 6- or 7-figure income were revealed to me over several years…

And I’m giving them to you in one book.

In Love-Based Feminine Marketing you’ll :

 ** Learn how to connect with your Inner Guide to Magic and Wisdom: Your Highest Self;

** Tune in and align with the Energy of Your Business for guidance on the next, right steps toward success;

**Release the pain in your wounds and step into your full power so that you have the energy to embody your BIG dreams.

** Spiritual practices to connect with and understand your tribe better than they understand themselves, so that you create offerings that are tailored to solve their deepest pain, and design marketing that magnetically attracts them.

** Deal with The Inner Saboteurs of Resistance, Perfectionism, Indecision, Overwhelm, and Procrastination

** Activate your Divine Masculine and move into inspired action so your vision manifests in the physical world

** Love-based Feminine Marketing strategies for

  • Networking
  • Speaking
  • Social Media;

** Some really kick-ass practices to connect with the Energy of Money, so you can grow your income in consistent, ever increasing amounts.


What’s also cool is that as a thank you for getting the book, I askeda bunch of my soul-fueled, heart-centered, business sisters to offer you some bonus gifts. The result?

The book is only 99 cents right now on Kindle, and these are some of the bonuses you’ll also get, so it’s a SMOKING deal!

Here are some of the bonuses:

  • Connecting with the Soul of Your Business Meditation from Therese Skelly
  • 20 Factors That Tip the Scales in Your Favor to Get Booked on a Podcast from Jackie Lapin
  • Your Marketing Checklist: 20 Free, Proven Tactics for Promoting Your Nonfiction Book AND Your Business (Plus, 5 Paid Strategies to Supercharge Your Visibility) fromMichele Pariza Wacek
  • The Five-Day Shift to Uplevel Your Vibration Digital Course from Emma Churchman
  • 113 Branding for Success eBook Bundle from Joie Gharrity
  • Taming the Tech Monster: How to Rise Above Tech Frustration and Build Your Business Online With Joy and Confidence From Anke Herrmann
  • BUSINESS BY DESIGN: A Simple, 3-Step Plan For Experiencing a Business Wrapped Around Your Core Purpose from Baeth Davis
  • Purpose & Prosperity Road Map from Lia Dunlap
  • Speak For Results Quiz From Elizabeth Bachman
  • Heal Your Broken Heart and Call in the Love You Deserve from Ashley Barnes
  • Soulfluent Leadership Archetype Quiz from Priscilla Stephen
  • And so much more….

Get your copy of the book now!

If you are tired of marketing that makes you feel like you need a shower to rinse away the ick…. This book will teach you a different way that honors your Divine Feminine while filling your bank account.

With all my heart,

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