I just spoke with a woman who told me that she wasn’t sure she wanted to build her own business because building a business would take so much time, energy and effort.

That, my dear, is old paradigm thinking.

Now I’m not going to lie to you.

Building a 6-figure business will take some energy.

It will take effort.

There will be days that you put in more time than you want.

But those are not the norm when you lean into building the feminine way.

In Love-Based Feminine Marketing: How to Build a 6-Figure Business without Hustle, Grind or Force I share how to craft a business that:

  • Honors your Divine Feminine Essence;
  • Allows you time for your family, self-care and fun;
  • Provides massive service to those you are here to help; and
  • Abundantly rewards you with lots of respect, acknowledgment and money.

… without having to stuff your soul into a formula that feels too small;

… without having to sacrifice your health in a helpless grind of constant effort; and

… without having to hide your unique magic to fit anyone else’s picture of what a successful entrepreneur should look like.

You get to BE YOU.

You take action from the inside out to manifest your dream business in a way that feels juicy, fun and loving.

It’s perfect for a Saturday afternoon read.

You can pick up your copy for only 99 cents today and start reading immediately,


… because we are more powerful in community, some of my favorite business Goddesses are sharing some amazing bonus gifts when you purchase.

You’ll get:

  • Connecting with the Soul of Your Business Meditation from Therese Skelly
  • 20 Factors That Tip the Scales in Your Favor to Get Booked on a Podcast from Jackie Lapin
  • Your Marketing Checklist: 20 Free, Proven Tactics for Promoting Your Nonfiction Book AND Your Business (Plus, 5 Paid Strategies to Supercharge Your Visibility) fromMichele Pariza Wacek
  • The Five-Day Shift to Uplevel Your Vibration Digital Course from Emma Churchman
  • 113 Branding for Success eBook Bundle from Joie Gharrity
  • Taming the Tech Monster: How to Rise Above Tech Frustration and Build Your Business Online With Joy and Confidence From Anke Herrmann
  • BUSINESS BY DESIGN: A Simple, 3-Step Plan For Experiencing a Business Wrapped Around Your Core Purpose from Baeth Davis
  • Purpose & Prosperity Road Map from Lia Dunlap
  • Speak For Results Quiz From Elizabeth Bachman
  • Heal Your Broken Heart and Call in the Love You Deserve eBook from Ashley Barnes
  • Soulfluent Leadership Archetype Quiz from Priscilla Stephen
  • And so much more….

Want to join us in creating from the new Feminine Paradigm?

Order your book here.

With all my heart,

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