In today’s episode, I’m speaking with Elizabeth Bachman, THE go-to person for advanced level training in Speaking, Presentation Skills, Sales and Leadership.

With a lifetime spent perfecting the art of presenting, she helps high-level clients master a message that brings *the Funding they need, *the Allies they want and *the Recognition they deserve. 

A sought-after speaker and strategist, Elizabeth works with leaders and influencers who need to become concise and compelling presenters. She helps them present as smart, down-to-earth, loose, friendly—even funny—and still be taken seriously. 

Having spent over 30 years directing such luminaries as Luciano Pavarotti & Placido Domingo in more than 50 operas around the world, Elizabeth brings a wealth of tools to help business professionals become respected presenters.

Elizabeth and I dish on:

  • How Elizabeth uses her experience of over 30 years of directing operas to train her clients in public speaking as she believes that the skills and strategies needed to sell a “song” are exactly the same as those needed to sell a product, a service or an idea.
  • How “language” plays a huge role in getting your message across. Elizabeth shares examples of how different sections of society speak different languages in business.
  • 3 biggest (yet instinctive) mistakes people make in speaking, selling, and presenting their service, product or idea.

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