A few months ago, it seemed that the world would stop spinning

… then it didn’t.

It went on.

I learned to order groceries on line, to limit my errands, to listen more deeply to Mama earth.

I learned how to facilitate a retreat online, how to switch up my way of connecting.

I launched a FREAKING amazing book!  (You can still get it here)

And through it all, I’ve deepened my relationship with money.

If you’ve been part of my tribe for a while, you know how much I talk about this.

My commitment is to be a good channel for money to flow into the world, for the messages of money to touch many lives.

My mission is to empower women to a make a ton of money.

You see, when women have money, they are able to live a wild, jubilant, juicy life. They have the resources to invest in keeping their body healthy, their mind engaged and growing, their soul fulfilled.

With money women can invest in causes they believe in and take their long-denied, fully enfranchised, and rightful seat at the table of decision makers.

Now, more than ever, as we welcome the power of the divine feminine to the forefront of our businesses, we need the powerful partnership of the energy of money.

Money has supported me well over the last few months, despite all that is happening in the economy.

This is because I’ve nurtured my relationship with money that this is possible.

To celebrate, I’m sharing one of the primary techniques I’ve used to build a great relationship with Money with a free online experience, Courting Money!

I’ve Courted Money, gotten to know it well, been surprised by some of the things it taught me (I’ll share my debt lesson in the next email) and I’ve been really, really blessed by the opportunities it’s bought.

Money is now asking you to court

Join us for a free 7-day online experience Aug 17 – 23: get to know Money, learn how to attract more money into your life, and set yourself up for a long-lasting, loving and abundant relationship with Money for years to come.

The whole thing will happen in our community Facebook group: link

You’ll receive the daily prompts for your Money courtship, empowering meditations, and daily feedback/money channeling/ teachings from me.

It’s all a gift to our community. So join now (link

To your abundant and rewarding Money relationship!

PS… I’m giving prizes. (It wouldn’t be an experience without prizes!!) Join today.

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