A few years ago, I was feeling frustrated and helpless about my money situation.

I had invested in a high-end coaching program AND enrolled in an intense course of study.

Both programs were led by amazing thought leaders.

I was so in love with the work.

AND I had used credit cards to pay for both programs. I had never been so deeply in debt.

It was time for a conversation with Money.

I started, feeling whiny, “Money, this is so much debt. What am I going to do?”

The force of Money’s response shocked me.

“HOW DARE YOU!” Money answered. “I’ve given you the resource to pay for the training you need and you are complaining about the way I delivered the money to you???”

I felt myself soften.

The truth was, I had created such a good credit rating, with low card balances, that credit card companies had been slowly raising my limits without asking. So, when the opportunities to work with both of these amazing mentors popped up, I was able to say yes. Money had been planning this for a while.

I apologized to Money and we had a long chat.

Debt, money explained, is not bad when used the correct way. For instance, paying up front for one the programs earned me a VIP day with that coach. This was a $5000 bonus. The amount of interest I paid on the credit was tiny compared to the value received and the growth I was able to achieve because of that time.

The other program provided training that allowed me to increase my rates while providing enhanced value to my clients.

Before the year was done, I had made enough additional income to pay off the debt.

The problems, Money explained, happen when debt is incurred thoughtlessly, to fill a hole within us or for something that doesn’t have a great ROI (return on investment).

Today, I understand that money comes to me through multiple channels. I am grateful whenever Money creates an opportunity for me. I no longer aspire to be debt-free, and instead use debt thoughtfully, appropriately, in ways that increase my return exponentially.

Money is a trusted advisor to help me do that.

This is just one of the many lessons Money has taught me since I started Courting Money.

The process of Courting Money, building a loving relationship with Money, inviting Money to be on your Inner Board of Directors, is one of the keys to the Art of Feminine Marketing.

I invite you to join us August 17-23 for a free experience: Courting Money; How to Rock your Profits the Feminine Way.

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Looking forward to a fun, exciting 7-days.

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