Dear friend,

Money is a powerful ally.

Now, I could invite you to join my free online experience “Courting Money” and teach you masculine money strategies.

How to read your Profit and Loss statement; how to create a business budget; the 10,10,10,70 rule; and more.

And that is all important stuff.

Yet, if you don’t have a really satisfying life-giving relationship with the energy of money, you will constantly feel small, not enough and powerless no matter how much you make!

To receive all of the abundance you are longing for you must first heal your relationship with Money.

And Money is the perfect guide to help.

During the 7-day Courting Money Online Experience you are going to have one of the most profound experiences with Money.

You will feel it’s longing to do good in the world through you.

You will hear its voice, sharing deep wisdom about how to open your flow for more.

You will see the energy of Money partner with you in delivering your mission to the world.

Money is going to be your direct teacher during this experience, telling you what you need to know about it to attract true wealth.

You’ll start by tapping into your divine feminine and your connection to Source and, from there, the energy of Money.

You’ll receive a daily Money truth posted in our Facebook group. Then you’ll invite the energy of Money to help you understand that truth on a deep level.

Finally, you’ll share your new wisdom with our community to cement your learning, inspire others, and WIN PRIZES.

Ready to up-level your Money Relationship?

I invite you to join the Experience NOW.

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