Let’s get real.

Money is energy.

Like all energy it can be repelled, or attracted.

One or the other.

It doesn’t just sit around waiting for you. It goes somewhere else unless you open the door and invite it in.

Sometimes, we humans get a little out of whack. (Ok, lots of times.)

We end up feeling powerless about moneyangry at our lack and someone else’s abundance; afraid that we won’t have enough, and we will be left all alone under a bridge if we don’t constantly hustle.

Our feelings put out a low vibration that says, “Stay away!!! I’m freaked out!”

Money hits your wall of fear and bounces off to find a more hospitable steward.

This is a really sucky situation.

Because the more afraid we become, the more repellent we are to money and to clients.

Which in turn, makes us more afraid.

You can’t turn it around by just “thinking good thoughts.”

The fear is still there, just below the surface.

When this happens to me, I turn inward, and I have a conversation with Money.

I ask for its wisdom and comfort.

Money reminds me that clients are not the source of money, that Source is the Source. Money tells me that it is of Source, and my business is simply one of the channels it uses to come to me.

Money lets me know that the more I’m in communication with it, the more it is able to expand the amount that comes to me.

Today, Money proved it by sending me an unexpected check for $1053.40, Money I had no idea was coming!!

This happens A LOT…. When I’m strong in my practice of talking to Money.

I long for women to have a lot of money.

First, because I want you to come and play with me in fabulous resorts around the world.

Two, because I want you to relax and enjoy spending time with those you love.

Mostly, because when women have money, they have influence, they have respect, they can take a seat at the table of decision makers…. And that is so, so important today.

Because the world is in need of your wisdom. The planet is in need of your healing.

The free Courting Money Online Experience starts Monday. I’ll be teaching you my practice for talking to Money, so that you can have its full support… and get a couple of unexpected checks yourself! 

I invite you to consider joining us HERE.

With all my heart,

P.S. – Prizes! Yes, we will have prizes. 

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