Last week was wild.

In the midst of a pandemic, the California coastline lit up last weekend with a fierce lightning show.

At first, we laughed that it must be dragons, until the wildfires started.

We packed up our clothes, important documents and cat food. I added a pile of “things that would make me super sad to lose” and the photo albums of the kids growing up. (Amazing husband packed up the Limoncello he is in the middle of making!)

When the work on the physical plane was done, I tapped into Source and turned on my magic; pressing the fire back, sinking love into mama earth, sending strength to the fire men and women on the front line.

Finding the rhythm in this dance between the Masculine and the Feminine, between the physical plane and the spirit world, between our doing and our being, is the place where magic happens.

It is the difference between pushing through and being in flow. The difference between working your butt off to make things happen and working with ease and having things happen.

It is one of the keys to manifesting what you want in your business as well.

The Right Clients who

… are a joy to connect with;

… respect your wisdom and do the work; and

… pay you abundantly, gladly and on time.

When you activate this Divine Dance, you do and have what you want.

And you do it in a way that completely aligns with who you are.

You bring your Source-fueled wild witch/ high priestess/ sorceress/ Goddess self to the world through your marketing and your practice.

All those freaking formulas that were stuffed down your throat as “the way to get clients”

… that make you feel like you are wearing someone else’s clothes…

You learn to choreograph them to fit your unique business

…. so that your peeps actually respond to your calls to action.

Life becomes a whole lot easier.

Your actions become aligned with your purpose.

Here’s the deal.

In September, I’m going to be working with a small group of coaches, healers and spirit led women to manifest 2-10 new clients.

We’ll do this, regardless of other important or impromptu influences in our daily lives, by activating the Divine Dance, applying the laws of manifesting, and leveraging our group energy.  And we’ll do all of this

…. Without building complicated funnels or marketing campaigns;

… without  hiding your witchy parts

… without  enslaving yourself to formulas designed for the masculine soul.

Want to join us?

There are just a couple of necessary criteria for success: you have to have your program put together and you need to have 300 peeps or more that you are regularly talking to about your stuff.

To be considered, hit reply, type in “I’m ready to manifest” and I will get the info out to you.

To your success,

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