I could feel her as soon as she walked into the room.

Her outer mask was quiet, unsure.

But the magic in her was strong.

It made the hair on my arms stand up, my chakras light up in recognition.

A sister witch had walked into my live event…

… and she didn’t yet know that she was magic.

** Note: we are all magic, made of Source energy, witches walking this modern-day world.

You are a magical witch with more power than you can dream.

But, back to her…

When I made my offer she said no… no,no… wait…. Maybe

I waited…. I had done my work…

I had made the spiritual call for the right women to join my program.

I had made a great offer at my event, and

I could feel the alignment with her.

Then,  she said yes. Yes to stepping into her power. Yes to doing her work on the planet. Yes to serving her people in the most divine way. Yes to being magic.

One of the biggest ways that women hobble themselves is by trying to blend in, to be acceptable.

I get it. Women of power are criticized, ostracized. In the past we’ve been burned at the stake.

It’s scary to say, “I created the energetic invite, followed with divinely guided action, and people showed up.”

We were taught to “work hard”, to “be grateful for what you have”, to “stop talking nonsense” when we talked about our powers.

So, we put our heads down and push, doing it the masculine way, wearing ourselves out, and hiding our feminine magic.

Which is why I’m putting together a group of coaches, healers and hidden witches to manifest 2 -10 clients in 30 days:

… Without building complicated funnels or marketing campaigns;

… Without having to hide your witchy parts

…Without having to follow formulas designed for the masculine soul; and

all while:

… having kids underfoot;

… and interrupting spouses working from home.

Want to join us?

There are a couple of criteria to be successful. You have to have your program put together , and you need to have 300 peeps or more that you are regularly talking to about your stuff.

To be considered, hit reply, type in “I’m ready to manifest” and I will get the info out to you.

With all my witchy heart,

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