The world is unraveling.

Old institutions and ways of being are coming apart.

People are searching for what’s next, how to be, and what to do.

This is where you come in.

You are more needed than ever.

While people are feeling small, unimportant, powerless or alone they need your support.

Some part of you may say, “Yes, but how can I charge money for my spiritual gifts now? That just feels like I’m taking advantage.”

Love, this is fear talking.

You have spent your life training for this moment.

You have searched out answers that others don’t have.

You have done deep healing work so that you know the path well.

You have prepared.

If you were a surgeon, lawyer or accountant, for example, you would not say, “I can’t charge for helping you because these trying times.”

You would take your hard-fought skills and put them to effective use. And you would rightfully expect compensation.

And there is a deeper reason you should be charging for your work.

Money is an energy of appreciation.

When you do your Soul’s work, there is an energy exchange. You give your skill and wisdom, your client gives you money.

When the exchange is uneven, it results in a blockage of success for both you and your client.

Like, when you are trying to refill your vacation shampoo bottle and you pour too much in. Everything gets gunked up.

All this to say:

Your people need you doing your work NOW and to charge well for it, so that you and your clients create and preserve an open channel of exchange.

Ready to call in more clients??

This month I’m going to be working with a small group of coaches, healers and spirit-led women to manifest 2-10 new clients each…

… Without building complicated funnels or marketing campaigns;

… Without having to hide your witchy parts

… Without sacrificing your financial well-being

…Without having to follow formulas designed for the masculine soul; and

all while:

… having kids underfoot;

… and interruptions from spouses working also from home.

Want to join us?

Just hit reply and say, “I’m ready to manifest” and I’ll get some info out to you.

With all my heart,

On This Week’s Podcast:

Episode 73: Reclaiming Your Relationship with the Divine Feminine with Catherine Mitchell

In today’s episode, I’m speaking with Catherine Mitchell, SHE:Initiation founder and Sacred Sisterhood Circle facilitator.

Catherine began opening to the Sacred Feminine in herself (which she didn’t even know was missing), when she heard a “call” from the lost boys of the patriarchy begging her to get their women back into right relationship with their Divine Feminine so they would stop making the spaces they inhabited together so scary. It was like she heard it with a megaphone and said YES! And the SHE:Initiation body of work was born.

Catherine and I dish on:

  • Catherine’s journey of awakening and identifying with her sacred feminine gifts of creation, intimacy and connection.
  • How the feminine doesn’t rise – it deepens and widens, and in that deepening and widening, there is an initiation for women.
  • How the frames of reference we are given in our traditional business training play a role in disengaging us from our feminine and our true path to success.

Listen here.

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