Whenever I tap in, I hear a whisper, “Be gentle today.”

“The world is changing. And change… it can be uncomfortable.”

I’m comforted to hear that the world is changing. We are not destined to replay our old mistakes, our old battles, on a continuous loop.

Somehow, in the great unraveling that is happening in the world, we can – and do – change for the better.

In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, daily marches protesting systemic racism across the country, massive wildfires devouring the West Coast – made worse by climate change….

… perhaps there is hope.

While my body coughs and complains about the blanket of smoke engulfing us, my soul still sings.

“Be gentle,” she whispers, “and choose.”

I do choose

I choose to believe that we can and will do better.

I choose to use my magic to bring more light and abundance to the women I serve.

I choose to take actions that are aligned with my soul.

I choose to build a powerful, connected, soul-fueled, money-making empire.

I choose to work with women who are ready to create their own 6-figure business…

… and who are willing to do the work.

I choose to take days off to play with the grandkids.

I choose to live fully, gently, strongly, loudly, magically now and now and now….

I choose to bring more magic to the world, so I build time into my schedule for ritual and connection.

I choose to bring more abundance, so I plan new teachings to share with my groups.

I choose to build an empire, so I determine what to delegate to team and I delegate!

Each choice leads to an action that is inspired and aligned with my soul’s desires.

Each action leads me closer to the dream I’m manifesting in the physical world.

Today, as you tap in, what will you choose?

Because it all starts with your choice.

Not your website, not your program details… it starts with choosing and taking action on your choice.

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With all my heart,

On Today’s Podcast:

Episode 75: Taming the Tech Monster by Asking the Right Questions with Anke Herrmann

In today’s episode, I’m speaking with Anke Herrmann, Passionate Coach, Business & Online Tech Mentor, Podcast Host, and an Author.

Originally from Germany, she lived in Australia and the UK before in 2004 she decided to quit her IT job in London to move to Spain and start a sewing business – with nothing but a love for sewing and plenty of enthusiasm. Today she brings her curiosity, creativity, intuition, plus her analytical mind, business and tech knowledge to the table to help others turn their passion into a business.

Anke and I dish on:

  • How Anke was lead to following her own magic on a vacation to Spain when a random, old man, asked one simple question that got her thinking about how she was using her one, precious life.
  • How women too often fall into the trap of being a ‘people pleaser’, costing us our joy and happiness, as well as our success.
  • How asking the right questions saves you time, effort, and emotion.

Listen here.

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