I was on a call with one of my teachers the other day.

I admitted to her that I felt like a failure. I hadn’t been able to make her program work the way it had for others. The way I thought it should work.

She asked me what happened.

“Well,” I said, “People keep signing up for higher investment offers instead of the one we designed together following your fabulous formula.”

Maybe you are already seeing the irony of me feeling like a failure for making more money?

Putting an end to this confusion meant a couple of days of reflection, where I:

~~ stumbled into the valley of “what’s wrong with me?”;

~~ passed through the field of “not doing it like everyone else…”;

~~ and took respite in the wildflowers called “yet my clients are all rocking it and signing up new business”.

I finally came home to the truth…I am not meant to stuff myself into someone else’s formula.

Neither are YOU!

Learning formulas from such magic and brilliant teachers is always good, and I learned so much from this teacher.

What I realized is that I can take all the goodness from her course and tuck it into my powerful toolbelt so I that can use it my way, the only way that really works for me.

As a matter of fact, I had been doing that the whole time I was enrolled in her program and getting results my way.

Now, the key to making a formula yours, is simply to be yourself… fully aligned with your soul’s mission…fully embodied in your magic…fully powerful as your Highest Self…fully responsible for creating your life.

I get it.

It is scary as hell to deviate from a program or plan that a high level guru says is THE WAY. It can freak your inner pleaser out, to be someone other than the good girl, the good student.

From preschool on most of us are taught that there is only one way, one formula. The teachers asked us to show our work so that they could make sure we followed the formula. Do it ‘right’ you get rewarded with an A and the teacher’s attention. Do it ‘wrong’ and you get to stay in alone at recess and learn the formula again.

The art of tweaking the formula is indeed high level work.

Yet, your right formula produces magical results when you mix in your inner witch wisdom, your sexy seductress, your dark temptress, your mama bear fierceness, your silly sweetness and the million other parts of you.

When you step up and say HERE I AM. Take me or leave me. I’m done hiding.

When you take that formula and Make. It. Yours.

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With all my heart,

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