The world is calling for leaders of a different sort.

Not the “do it my way, I’m the boss of you” type leader.

The world is calling for leaders who use their internal passion to light a fire of transformation. To shine light on problems, cast aside obstacles and create a new way, a new paradigm.

In the world of business this new paradigm calls for doing things YOUR way.

In other words, to stop relying on bro-formulas that don’t really work for the feminine soul.

Source always asks you to do things that others aren’t. It takes courage to break free and listen to your intuition. To be guided by Source, not the guru.

In this new world, having that courage is absolutely essential.

It’s also FUN! Joy filled. Exciting.

Imagine creating your marketing strategies from a deep inner knowing of what will, and what will not, work for you….

Imagine your marketing creating deep, heart connections that have the right people raising their hands asking to work with you …

Imagine reviewing your bank balance at the end of the month and celebrating new clients, new work, more income than you previously dreamed

Imagine your business being a partner to you, instead of bullying you for not doing more…

Imagine quitting work at 4 pm, knowing that you’ve done enough, that nature, family, selfcare are earned…

This is what happens when you choose to work in the Feminine. (Seriously, it’s 2:40 now and I’m done as soon as this email is written, AND  I feel grateful, abundant and satisfied with a day well done.)

I invite you to join the new paradigm of Feminine Marketing. I’m sharing the how in a free masterclass: Marketing for the Feminine Soul: Drop the Bro-Formulas Oct 6-9, 12:00 Pacific each day in our Facebook group.

Over the 5 days I’ll share:

 ~ What is Feminine Marketing and why Masculine Marketing is bad for the soul;

~ Tapping into your core wound to create magnetic marketing;

~ How to open in order to receive more abundance;

~ Wrapping magic into your marketing;

~ The Art of Story in drawing clients to you; and


It’s completely free so join the Facebook group now and mark your calendars.

With all my heart

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