There are 3 months left of 2020.

3 months to claim how you want your year to conclude.

2020 has taken many of us out of orbit, tossing us wildly into the waves of unknowing. And from this perspective we recognize that the world looks different!

We can no longer pretend that we just have to hold on and everything will “go back to normal”.

Really, we’ve observed that normal never existed. It was an illusion designed by our ego to keep us in check. To keep us bound in the old ways.

Yet, the old ways are breaking.

The new way (or the new old way if you go way, way, way back) is cracking us open so the light that has always been inside can shine forth.

This is all pretty, pretty words.

Here’s what it means on a practical level.

Old, tried and true, plug yourself in, and mimic the guru formulas aren’t working anymore.

Hiding behind a mask of fitting in, tweaking oneself to fit a romanticized version of the perfect business woman… isn’t working anymore.

Competition and crushing it… doesn’t work anymore.

What does?

  • Embodying the highest version of you, the one that already exists in your highest and best future, and designing your marketing from her perch looking back at you;
  • Opening your channels of receiving wisdom from Source to remake the old formulas so they do work, for YOU;
  • Releasing family and ancestral beliefs about the Energy of Money, and embracing your responsibility to be rich; and
  • Doing things because they are soul-aligned, not because they are part of a strategy designed by men, for men.

Goddess, there has never been a more perfect time for you to step into the version of you that has what you desire and claim your abundance.

I’m sharing the how in a free masterclass: Marketing for the Feminine Soul: Drop the Bro-Formulas Oct 6-9, 12:00 Pacific each day in our Facebook group.

Over the 5 days I’ll share:

 ~ What is Feminine Marketing and why Masculine Marketing is bad for the soul;

~ Tapping into your core wound to create magnetic marketing;

~ How to open in order to receive more abundance;

~ Wrapping magic into your marketing;

~ The Art of Story in drawing clients to you; and


It’s completely free so join the Facebook group now and mark your calendars.

With all my heart

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