Sometimes, when I see all the slick, sponsored ads running through my Facebook feed, I feel my anxiety gremlin creep in.

The ex-drama major mimic, good student, people pleaser me thinks, “shit, I have to do it THAT way.”

When that happens, marketing suddenly seems HARD! I start wishing for someone else to do it for me.

A voice in my head says, “You need to pull out the books, the worksheets, the formulas….”

Then I take a breath and remember.

Marketing, in the feminine, is joyful.

It’s full of play, and connection, and soul service.

In Feminine Marketing you get to play in the formulas, finding bits and pieces that fit your unique spirit and weaving them together in a way that magnetically attracts just the right people.

Add a touch of your magic, and it gets really fun… and very effective.

Imagine your marketing as FUN instead of a burden.

Imagine sending emails to your list that give them huge value because you’ve found the magic words to speak truth to their hearts.

Imagine your social media posts attracting new clients on an ongoing basis because the real value of your transformational healing is expressed in a way that the right people feel in their bones.

Imagine your highest version you shining an energetic beacon into the world, and your tribe following it right back to your highest program or package.

There are just a couple of rules we follow in Feminine Marketing:

First, and non-negotiable, you are the Creator.

You are made of Creative Life Force Energy and have created your life, consciously or unconsciously. You can choose to create different results, then take aligned action with your choice.

Second, you can’t see inside your own fishbowl.

Sometimes, as you create your own reality, you need someone on the outside to look in to tell you what’s not aligned. To help you fine tune your messaging and let you know where it makes the brain go wonky. This is where mentors, teachers, mastermind sisters all come in handy.

Third, you know; so, when a sister, mentor, leader suggest a pathway, you know when it’s right or not.

When you are deeply connected to your Highest Self, when you are regularly in the practices and rituals of tapping into Source, when you have fine tuned your ability to read your body compass, you know. Sometimes, you’ll recognize resistance and move forward with the suggestion. Sometimes, you’ll know that you need to tweak it.  Sometimes, it’s a big ole, full body, hard NO.

And sometimes, it’s a warm and welcoming sigh of YES…

And finally, you must invite your Divine Masculine to join your magical, creative, Divine Feminine and take ACTION in the physical world to bring your vision to life.

I’m sharing more about Feminine Marketing all this week in our Facebook Community. I invite you to join the conversation live at noon each day, and watch the videos you may have missed.

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