When Lindsay A Miller and I decided to include transformational photo shoot into my Art of Feminine Marketing Sisterhood program, we committed to doing the work along with our women.

We too would explore our wounds and hold space for our healing. We too would embrace our Goddess essences and allow ourselves to shine.

This year, the wound felt particularly poignant.

Lindsay and I spent a lot of time on the phone together before our photoshoot weekend.

“It’s a hard year,” she would say.

I agreed.

There were moments when each of us felt like giving up, and in the toughest moments, our core wounds emerged.

This, we decided, was what we would express in our wound photoshoot.

The day arrived. I held the camera as Lindsay settled into her wound.

“It feels strange to go to work without washing my hair, in my old hanging out pants… but…” she sighed.

We watched as she sank into despondency.

We felt her bitterness.

The world was asking too much of her… 

The weight of all of it was too heavy, pulling her down into a chasm of grief and sadness until she couldn’t feel anything. She just gave up.

We watched, knowing that the emotions running through her were not just hers, but belonged to all of us at some point in this past year. That, in allowing them to run through her body, giving them space to be seen and released, she was healing each of us.

Then Lindsay looked up.

“Enough of that,” she proclaimed. She smiled and the world was made light again.

When we gathered the next day for a Goddess photoshoot, Lindsay brought her smile, her sweetness, her sensual Goddess. Having released the gloom she was able to command the space and love that is a universal birth right of all women.

We were mesmerized watching her, a vision of the Goddess of spring, bringing light back into the world. My breath caught in my throat, seeing her in her most magical. This is her gift and her work. In each photo she takes, the Goddess of spring entices and draws forth another aspect of her subject, another part returning them to full wholeness, igniting their light.

For this, I am forever grateful.

With all my heart,

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