Imagine that you stand in front of your friends and your colleagues as you let all of yourself be seen: your success, competence, and power… all of you.

You express your fear, your moments of hopelessness, even your anger.

This is what Lindsay A Miller and I ask of each woman in my Art of Feminine Marketing program.

I work with the women to discover their deepest, core wounds: fears that keep them awake at night and beliefs that keep them from greatness

I help the women pull important marketing language from their wounds and show the women how these wounds prepare them to uniquely serve their clients.

Lindsay then honors this healing process with a transformational photoshoot, giving space and love to the wounded part of each woman.

A second photoshoot allows their true essence, their Goddess/ High Priestess/ Sorcerous self to come fully into the light.

The wound for Alice is being insane, a liar, and a useless woman. Her fear of being thought of as crazy kept her hidden and silent as she pushed her magic deeply into the shadows so others , couldn’t use it against her.

Years of being called insane by an ex-husband and a family history of strong women being sent to asylums, made her hold her tongue, kept her message locked in her throat.

“Seriously,” she told us, “a part of me is terrified of being locked up”.

Even showing up in our small, safe bubble was difficult. Alice was willing, yet her wounded self was afraid. As she tenderly, with the smallest of tantrums, tiptoed around the shoot site, I called to her, “Think of your children, your grandchildren. Think of them inheriting your pain and your lack. Think of them flailing themselves because that is the family pattern you are modeling.”

Alice sat in such stillness as the pain of this vision washed over her.

Stillness is not generally good for a photographer, but in Alice’s case, the sadness that crossed her face stirred us all. Lindsay focused and shot.

And then Alice was done with hiding. She sat stunned for a moment with empty space inside of her where the wound had previously lived.

“Oh wow,” She said, “Oh, I feel so light.”

Then the power poured in. Alice felt it, we felt it. The light of being a magical being filled her.

“Oh YES,” she said.

By the Goddess photoshoot the next day, the power in Alice had intensified.

Her hair whipped around her in a glorious cascade of a woman set free. She raised her arms and called the Divine Feminine to her, filling her.

In that moment, Alice remembered who she is, a wise and powerful Goddess standing in a human body to heal those whose lives she touches.

We witnessed her and were called into our own divinity, our own Goddess.

Thank you Alice!

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