The Art of Feminine Marketing is not science. It’s not a formula with checkmarks that lead you to the right answer, the exact same business as everyone else.

It is an Art for each woman to discover who her right tribe is, how she is uniquely designed to serve them, and to put together the words and actions that will help those tribe members find her with ease.

And in this process of discovery, a heck of a lot of healing happens for the woman herself…

…. Making her a stronger, more powerful, more magical leader for her peeps.

This is what happened for Sharon.

Before we gathered for our annual Art of Feminine Marketing retreat, Sharon and I explored her childhood wounds to discover her core wound. The wound that drives her. The wound that holds her back. The wound that offered up the language we would use to build her unique marketing.

This was the wound we would honor with a photoshoot by Lindsay A. Miller at our retreat.

The wound of being a weak liar.

She had spent her whole life trying to disprove this deeply hidden wound. Proving that she was strong. Working on her family farm, caring for her special-needs sister, chipping in to watch her grandkids and building her coaching practice…

Being strong, doing it all without a single complaint.

She showed up at the photoshoot* determined to “do it right.” To show us how strong she was.

And she fought. “What do you want?” she raged.

We pushed back, “You want to see all of you. Not just the strong, but the you that feels weak, that sometimes wants to throw the towel in.”

She yelled, and stomped, and finally she gave in.

All those years of having to be strong, be perfect, pretend that everything was fine poured through her.

“I don’t know how to do this,” she said.

And the sadness broke open and poured out.

“Its all so hard,” she cried.

As she released the burden of being all things to all people, she softened.

We felt her, the real her, the fullness of her.

She sighed, smiling. And we were drawn to her like a moth to flame.

The next day, at the second photoshoot, Sharon brought all of her. The woman whose strength comes, not from doing it all, but from being all of who she is. Her soft, sexy, warm, caring, capable Goddess self.

As we watched, we felt relief. We, too, could lay down the burden of doing it all. We, too, could celebrate the sun on our arms, Mama Earth supporting us in BE-ing our Highest Self.

We, too, can live with peace. This was her gift to us.

Thank you Sharon!

With all my heart,

#ArtOfFeminineMarketing #WildlyVisible

*NOTE: All photoshoots are carefully staged outdoors with masks and extra social distance required.

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