Each year I gather the women in my Art of Feminine Marketing Sisterhood for a deep dive into their special marketing magic. Each year Lindsay A. Miller joins us, providing a transformational marketing photoshoot.

We begin with an exploration of each woman’s childhood wounds, drawing out the magic words that will make her marketing magnetic and discovering how her childhood experiences uniquely prepared her for her soul-purpose work.

For Anne, the wound was being a stupid, irresponsible, worthless girl.

She showed us her cute little girl dress and shawl, but we wanted more. Not cute, not the sweet Anne we all knew.

What would it be like to show up as stupid, irresponsible, worthless…

And so she put on her old sweats, her tattered shirt…

She wandered through the trash in front of the abandoned building we had chosen for the wound photoshoot and felt all the ways she had abandoned herself.

All the ways she had bought into being worthless, because she was born a girl. All the times she had abandoned her dreams, to serve others. All the ways she ignored her own deep knowing, to do things the way others said she would.

As she explored her abandonment, something deeper welled up.

She began to weep, then to wail.

Deep sobs coursing through her body.

We watched in reverence as a holy cleansing swept through her, dropping all her old masks, all those ancient beliefs she had carried.

We watched as she mourned.

As the years of pain left her body in giant puddles of tears and snot, Anne smiled

Her face lit with an inner glow. Her body became alight with Feminine Power.

She laughed, and we laughed, at the truth of who was is. Not worthless or stupid or irresponsible,

But a Goddess of Peace, Passion and Play.

It is this version of Anne that showed up at the Goddess photoshoot the next day.

We were seduced by her magnetism as she dared us all to join her. To come play in her world and be elevated to Goddess ourselves by her presence. 

Thank you, Anne! You are a true Feminine Leader.

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