This weekend my little granddaughter turned 9!!!


Time seems to be accelerating faster and faster. And yet, 2020 has been going on for what seems like years.

When I took this observation into my morning practices, I was told that time is both faster and slower and doesn’t exist at all. That the quickening I’m feeling is the call to take a side, to put on my armor, and stand on the side of LOVE.

The world is shifting – I’ve talked a lot about it in that last few months – and we can no longer stand neutral.

On one side is fear

… on the other is love.

I thought I was on the side of love. I just published a book called Love-Based Feminine Marketing!!

But there are places where I still fall to fear. Especially now.

When someone at the grocery store yells to all in the vicinity that she requires the whole vegetable aisle to herself, or when someone on the trail refuses to give me 6-feet of space, I tighten with fear.  These are momentary fearful impulses that can lead me to a lack of empathy.

What if instead of pulling back in annoyance, I thought, “Oh, she is afraid. I’ll beam her some love.” Or, “That person must need nature, I’ll step back and beam her some love.”

Little things…

Harder to do, pulling my ego back so I can beam love. But what a difference.

This week, I’m looking for all the ways I’ve been in fear. All the ways this pandemic has brought my inner, unconscious fears to light.

And I’m beaming love into each one.

Really, this is the essence of the Art of Feminine Marketing. Truth in marketing is love. Love attracts. Love is Source. Source provides.

The more you fill your marketing with love, the more prospects you attract.

Love doesn’t mean you ignore their pain.

It means you acknowledge their pain with empathy“I see you feeling small and powerless. I’m sorry that the world is falling apart. And I know a pathway out of pain.”

Love takes people where they are, sees them in their highest and best, and guides them from pain to healing.  Good marketing tells this story and offers you as the guide for your peeps.

If you are done with fear, tired of the constant stress it puts on your body and your business, and are ready to break through to $6+figures in 2021 in a joyful, soul-led, loving way

… I invite you to consider joining the Art of Feminine Marketing Magic Sistermind.

The sistermind is a small group of ambitious, committed healers, coaches and soul-led entrepreneurs, frustrated with traditional marketing and ready to forge their own path through their soul’s direction.

I’ll be leading the group with a combination of ritual, healing practices and soul-aligned actions and strategies to grow your business in a way that honors your feminine soul and makes you a ton of money.

Want to join us?

This is a small group as I’m committed to making sure everyone has success. (2 of the spots have already been claimed).

Send me an email and let me know what your business provides for people and what your 2021 goal is and I’ll get more info out to you.

With all my heart,

On Today’s Podcast:

Episode 80: Building Your Networking Business Online with Tish Times

In today’s episode, I’m speaking with Tish Times, the founder of Tish Times Networking and Sales, a certified networker, Community Builder and Franchise Owner for Network in Action in Phoenix, AZ.

For nearly 10 years, Tish has been teaching small business owners, solo entrepreneurs, and sales professionals to increase income with unparalleled sales and networking strategies. Her books include Networking is Not a One-Night Stand – A Guide for Building Lasting Business Relationships, The Unstoppable Confidence Networking Playbook, and 10 Super Simple Networking Steps for Career Success and most recently, The Networking and Sales Planner.

She is the founder of the Unstoppable Confidence Sales Academy, a business school that teaches a systematic, sincere, and effective approach to networking and sales to produce lucrative bottom-line results.

Tish and I dish on:

– How to identify your ideal clients in sales.
– How trying to sell to the world at large costs you sales.
– Why a lack of clarity and absence of a strategic business plan causes business owners, especially competent women entrepreneurs, to struggle in sales.
– Tips on how to pivot and shift your focus to building your networking business online in the current covid-19 world. You’ll be surprised how much you can do working remotely with half the work and double the productivity.

Listen here.

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