It’s that time of year again. The grand girls and I are busy crafting for Halloween and Christmas. Nothing for Thanksgiving yet. But I’m searching Pinterest for the perfect craft that will hold their attention.

I came across a Christmas craft the other day and visited the blog of the couple it came from.

I fell in love with them, not just because they call each other babes, but because of the way they work.

Their story starts with several visits to Home Depot,where the wife strolls over to the bin of shims, pick some up, turns them over, muses upon them, then puts them back.

Finally come to visit where she marches firmly up to the bin and chooses several shims to put in her basket. “Babes,” she says, “These are future Christmas trees.”

He agrees and as soon as they get home gets to work crafting her vision.

But when the trees are done something is missing. The husband goes to the wife and says, “Babes, something is missing. Let’s add lights to the inside of the tree shape. I’ll hold the lights it in place with some resin I have left over from another project.”

“Babes,” she answers, “that is a brilliant idea.”

I have some thoughts on how they celebrated the amazing project once the trees were complete, but they aren’t sayin’!

I love this story because it so clearly illustrates how the masculine and feminine working together can create something amazing.

Sometimes, when I talk about the Art of Feminine Marketing, people think it means dumping all aspects of the masculine. And that’s absolutely not true!!

It’s putting things in the right order.

Working in the Feminine means allowing an idea to mature. To have patience as your divine feminine turns things over and muses on what to create.

And then, when she’s ready to take action, inviting your Divine masculine to turn up your get-up-and-go and make the thing: write the content, make the videos, put out the marketing, have the conversations to enroll people, deliver your magic.

This is the dance for divine masculine and the divine feminine.

It’s organic, natural, and pulls in results! It eliminates the need for pushing and forcing, it feels more loving to those receiving your marketing messages, creating heart connections that lay the groundwork for easeful, sales.

This is the dance I’ll be teaching in the Art of Feminine Marketing Magic:

… a journey for ambitious women coaches and healers, showing them how to combine spiritual and magical practices with basic business principals to break through their current income ceiling and create joyful $6-figures or more.

… without exhausting yourself with guru-formulas that never seem to work

… without working 12-hour days at your family’s expense

… without stuffing yourself into a version of you that the old masculine system says you must be to succeed.

You’ll leverage the energy of the collective, step into your Highest Level You, create marketing strategies that are aligned with your soul purpose and put it all into action to create results that are unique to your special skills and talents  

Want to join us?

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