In ancient mythology, Persephone is a young maid, the daughter of the Goddess of the Hearth, who is stolen by the God Hades and trapped in the underworld.

While there she eats 6 pomegranate seeds which condemned her to return to the underworld 6 months of the year.

The stories say that, when she dances above ground, flowers and fruits burst into wild bloom and the sun beams down on the people. It’s a joyous time of spring and summer.

Then, she returns to the underworld and darkness falls. The days of fall and winter are shorter and shorter, fields lay fallow, waiting. Plants are dormant and the people huddle in doors.

It sounds pretty bleak. But here’s the thing.

In the underworld, Persephone grows up. She chooses to take up her crown and become the Queen of the underworld. She chooses to marry the king. She chooses her purpose…

… to guide lost souls to their resting place in the underworld.

Persephone stands as a reminder that there is so much to remember when we dare to turn inward, to look into our own shadows.

In the shadows we discover parts of ourselves that we’ve hidden from the world, that we’ve disowned, that we’ve spent energy and time denying. Parts of ourselves that scare us, or scare others. Parts of ourselves that society has said are ‘inappropriate’.

In business, shadows hold the secrets of powerful marketing. The magic marketing words of connection and understanding that draw our right tribe. The secret skills that you don’t know you have, but that make you respected and validated as an expert when added to your marketing.

When you learn the gifts in the shadows and reintegrate the parts of you that had been relegated to hiding, your sense of being small, powerless and lost dissipates. The fear of not being enough fades away.

You become whole again.

The whole “you”  is magnetic to your tribe.

You, whole, is the first step to the financially abundant, soul-fueled, fun business that is your birth right.

This fall I’m gathering a small group of ambitious women coaches and healers for a 10-month journey.  During our journey together, the gathered women will learn how to combine spiritual and magical practices with basic business principals to break through their current income ceiling and create joyful $6-figures or more in their birth right business

… without exhausting yourself with guru-formulas that never seem to work

… without working 12 hour days at your family’s expense

… without stuffing yourself into a version of you that the old masculine system says you must be to succeed.

We still have one spot open.

Is it meant to be yours?

Hit reply and say, “I’m ready for 6-figures” and I’ll get you the rest of the info.

With all my heart,

On This Week’s Podcast:

Episode 81: Embodying the Feminine Within with Cat Williford

In this week’s episode, I’m speaking with Cat Williford, a coach, speaker, author, and the owner and founder at Authenticity Advantage Women’s Series.

For 25+ years, Cat has helped thousands of women move from debilitating self-criticism, fear, and so-so results, into experiencing outrageous levels of self-love, authentic confidence, and success on their terms with her system, The Authenticity Advantage.™

Cat has appeared as a guest expert on The Maury Povich Show, been featured in the Los Angeles Times, and coached live on L.A.’s ABC Talk Radio. She is a ceremonial priestess and her new book, The Ovarian Chronicles, is available now.

Cat and I dish on:

  • What are Goddess Archetypes and how they help us transform.
  • Why women perform best when they find their rhythm with nature and their body.
  • Why it is so important to recognize, embrace, and be in feminine energy.
  • How the masks that women wear rob them of happiness.

Listen here.

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