… I woke up this morning inspired!

My Inner Masculine is ready to get to work! Woohoo.

My Divine Feminine has birthed the next vision.

I know what I want.

I made my to do list…

… I added to it…

… and I added more.

It’s a lot.

So, I went into the Akashic records …

… the story of your soul, where your Record Keepers help you remember your soul’s purpose and your connection to the Divine.

So, as I said, I went into my records and asked how to extend time to get it all done!

Stretching time, I was told, or really any magic, requires that you:

activate and embody your Highest Self

… turn away victim and martyr energy

… release resentment and blame

… join the freedom dance of the wild and untamed You.

Women have been taught, over thousands of years, to tap down their power, tap down their magic.

We modern women have inherited those lessons in our bones, so that even as we strive and make progress, we still hold back.

We carefully weigh our words, we evaluate the safest path, we deliberate the best times to show our power. And we keep hidden the wildness…

…the wildness that others have used to condemn us

…the wildness that calls us to dance with abandon, to lay upon Mama Earth and call her creatures to us, to speak the words of truth that bubble up from deep in our soul.

The wild woman within craves her soul purpose work, craves recognition for the gifts she brings to the world, craves the tribe she is meant to serve.

While the dance can be done alone, it is much more powerful when done in community, where it is amplified and celebrated by fellow sisters. 

This fall I’m gathering a small group of ambitious women coaches and healers for a 10-month dance,  wherein we’ll combine spiritual and magical practices with basic business principals to break through their current income ceiling and create joyful $6-figures or more…

… without exhausting yourself with guru-formulas that never seem to work…

… without working 12 hour days at your family’s expense…

… without stuffing yourself into a version of you that the old masculine system says you need  to succeed.

Want to join us?

One spot is open.

To apply, hit reply and say, “I’m ready to release my wild woman”

With all my heart,

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