Today is decision day.

Years ago, after I left my first husband, I met a shaman who taught me to connect with my unseen guides and ground in Mama Earth. She led me on my first past life session, where I discovered the first witch.

This soul-memory showed me a young woman, who had been hidden away in a hut in the forest with her baby by her husband, who was horrified to discover her gathering herbs and creating healing medicine. He threatened her and she hit him with a frying pan, killing him. The town people dragged her away, killed her, and left the babe an orphan.

Years later, during a Breath of Love session, I met the second witch, an ancient part of me who brought light and love. For eons she had stayed hidden in the corners finding ways to spread her magic, her light, without detection.

The third witch came a few years later. A slave who had been taught the ancient rituals of her people and was beaten when she was discovered. And when I ignore her magic, I feel the pain screaming in my back. This was the hardest witch to accept. Who am I, I thought, to claim a past life as an enslaved black woman? She is still the hardest to share and yet…

I long to know her. I long to understand her pain, the pain inherited by her sons and daughters.

On a soul level, we have all had multiple experiences that have been lost or hidden from us. And our soul is longing to re-integrate with these lost parts.

The witches of light and love and healing are coming back to us.

Today, in the US, is decision day in politics.

Yet, today among other important decisions is also a decision of how we will BE in the world.

Will we allow the hidden parts of ourselves, the ancient parts, the parts that have been hiding in the shadows reemerge?

Will we wrap ourselves in love and stand tall in the power of our magic?

Will we place a stake in the ground for the healing we are meant to provide in the world?

Because, today, it may seem dangerous to step forward. It may seem safer to stay small and sad. To pretend helplessness.

And it’s your choice.

This I know to be true: no mater the outcome of today’s election, the witches are coming back. The world has shifted. The remaking is happening and YOU GET TO CHOOSE your role.

Next Monday the new Art of Feminine Marketing Magic starts.

This is a small group of women healers and coaches committing to CHOOSE their future, committed to making a difference with their healing magic, committed to receiving a ton of money for doing so:

… without having to stuff themselves into the old paradigm of business,

… or the old masculine formulas of success,

… while honoring the Dance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within them.

We have one space left.

Want to join us?

Hit reply and say, “I’m ready” and I’ll get you the info.

With all my heart,

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