“The wound is the place the light enters us.” Rumi

I’ve quoted this many times, and yet, today it feels especially poignant.

Next week I’m launching a new group, The Art of Feminine Marketing Magic.

This is a small group of women healers and coaches committing to CHOOSE their future, committed to making a difference with their healing magic, committed to receiving a ton of money for doing so:

… without having to stuff themselves into the old paradigm of business; or

… the old masculine formulas of success;

… while honoring the Dance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within them.

  • We have one space left. See below to apply.

I’m excited for the journey these women are about to start.

I’ve led a version of this program for several years and it’s always transformative. And this year, when our collective wounds have been opened so deeply, the magic of the light will be even greater.

We find, in the wound, the parts of us that are hidden and shunned. The parts of ourselves that don’t fit the mold of who we are told to be. The parts of ourselves that are howling for freedom from the shadows.

It can be icky to dig around in the shadows and take 100% responsibility for what we find there: the places where we have bullied ourselves; where we have projected our fear and loathing onto others ;where we have been out of integrity with our words and our actions;  and where we have chosen to hide versus decide.

Yet here, in the wound, are also gifts:

… life-changing growth happens

… we learn that we are Divine Goddesses of Creation as well as flawed humans

… we forgive ourselves and release attachments to energies that no longer serve us

… and we discover the unique skills and hidden talents that make us unique and exactly the right person to lead our tribe.

Also in the wound are secrets to great marketing…. words to use to attract the right people, the way to position your services, and clarity around the deep healing you are meant to do in the world.

And when we bravely step into our shadows and do the work, we reintegrate. We become whole. Our work becomes holy work. And Source opens us to abundance.

Ready to step out of the wounded shadows and into abundance?

To apply for the final spot in The Art of Feminine Marketing Magic, hit reply and say, I’m ready.

With all my heart,

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