What a freaking intense week that was. And when I think about it, a freaking intense year!

I was looking through some old emails recently and found this message from last October:

2020 is a year for shaking things up! A year to challenge the way things have always been done. A year to shake off what holds us back. A year to deepen our connection to Source, to Mama Earth, to our own inner knowing.

Holy what the what! That was prophetic…

Although not what I thought the shaking would be….

Yet, in the midst of a world-wide pandemic, racial protests, wildfire in my back yard, and a crazy political scene…

In the midst of all this shaking…

… I shifted.

As you look back at 2020, look at who you’ve become in this year.

Look at the ways you’ve stood your ground, even when the ground trembled beneath you.

Look at the times you stepped up for your beliefs and your truths.

Look at how you’ve grown and become stronger.

It’s been a hell of a year… yet these times are opportunities for big growth.

I’m willing to bet you’ve grown more than you think.

Being able to look back at what you’ve accomplished is one of the big skills of success. So often we become focused on what we haven’t accomplished and forget about what we have done.

This not only messes with your brain, activating the low, level, survival instinct, it also messes with your marketing.

The energy of your messages becomes needy, victimy. People plainly sense the desperation.

Celebrating what you’ve accomplished instead, floods your body with feel good hormones. It raises your vibration. Your marketing is infused with this feel good energy and people lean in, wanting more.

Plus, it gives you great stuff to talk about in your posts and emails!

As I’m looking forward to 2021, I’m also looking back at all of the amazing things that happened in 2020.

And I’m waving a magical wand to toast the amazing you that you’ve become in the shakiest, often scariest, of years … and looking forward to more of you in 2021!

With all my heart,

P.S  I would love to hear how you’ve grown. Drop a note in our Facebook group to celebrate how 2020 has shaped you.

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