So, today is the day I recorded my Holiday Podcast message.

I have the equipment, the software and the editing/posting support all set up.

I know how to open a talk, I know how to close.

All of the masculine systems are in place, so that the feminine will flow through.

I didn’t say what I thought I would say.

I didn’t use any of my notes.

I did connect with Source before recording.

I did ask that the right words come.

I did follow the thread of inspiration.

I did trust that, when I’m plugged in, my head can relax, I can let go and be the channel for what wants to flow through me.

This sounds like I’ve gone all: however it flows, anything goes; however, this is an example of how to dance the dance of the Divine Feminine/Masculine.

The result is, that I just boxed and wrapped what I think is a a pretty hot podcast episode that you can listen to the week before Christmas. My team is now editing it for me so that it’s ready for you.

Here’s the thing.

The dance is different for each person.

Your dance is different than mine and different than each of your clients.

Your dance is uniquely created for you.

Just like your marketing.

I know that when this dance is done correctly, the result is magical, and when you learn your dance, you make magic.

When you discover your unique marketing magic, clients are magnetically attracted to you.

When you allow Source to flow, so does Money.

As we get closer to the end of the year, I’m curious about your dance.

How will you step differently into 2021?

How will you move your hips to the music of a new way of doing business?

How will your Divine Masculine provide the systems and the actions that will support your Divine Feminine in her creative, connective, loving way in bringing your dreams alive?

How can I best support you in making magic in the new year?

I invite you to consider scheduling a Feminine Business Assessment today to find out.

With all my heart,

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