We just finished our Name Your Year ritual in our Facebook group.

We name our year to set an intention – what we want to receive, how we want to BE, where we want to focus in the coming year.

Each day I gave feedback, tapping into my connection to Source to share soul wisdom.

And I did a random number draw and awarded a daily prize.

So yeah, it really fueled my soul! Who doesn’t love to give a gift??

It was off the wall GOOD.

Now I’m antsy to figure out what’s next.

I’ve got some ideas and a couple of things I really want to offer – both in terms of programs and free group activities.

I’m looking inward for direction. I’m asking that the WHEN and the HOW be revealed.

You see, I’m a big planner. I like to see my marketing calendar mapped out for months ahead. (I do map out with post-its so I can move things around… However, I like the map.)

When I tune in, I’m told that this is not the time to map. That my guides are busy expanding my ability to receive, both info and money.

When I go deeper, I’m told this is true for you as well.

We are in a time of great shifts. The planet is asking for healing. Humans are being retuned to be better stewards of time and money and info and the goodness of Mama earth.

Those that are open to this retuning will reap benefits: beauty, an easier flow of money, soul-nurturing experiences, community joys….

… and because I’m me, I checked again on the money… yes, more money.

Because, more money allows more experiences, more flow, peace, calmness, giving to causes, and more taking a seat at the table of decision makers.

I love what money does for women and for the planet, when we use it correctly.

Tuning means spending time focusing on your breathholding space for Source magic to pour in.

Listen to the whispers of your Highest Self and the Energy of your Business loving you up and allow waking dreams to fill you with wonder at what can be.

Trust that Source has your back… …always and without fail.

Lean into your connection with communities that truly support your evolution, and let go of those that don’t.

Find mentors and teachers who validate your highest and best self, and don’t buy into your monkey voices of helplessness and confusion.

And when the time is right, take inspired action.

With all my heart,

P.S. – Want to expand your ability to receive in 2021? Schedule a complimentary Feminine Business Assessment call today and I’ll share some ideas.  

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