“If only I could find the right clients…”

I hear that a lot.

Here’s the deal.

They are already here. They just haven’t realized you are the one to help them.

They haven’t seen you as the solution to their deepest problems.

So, while you are casting about trying to discover where they are hidden, they are crying out wondering when someone will show up to help.

I’ve been thinking about two (2) big reasons this happens.

  • Trying to be the invisible leader.

The legacy that we witchy women carry in our cellular memory is that visible, powerful, magic women literally and figuratively get burned at the stake.

We come to this life with a hidden belief that being visible is dangerous. And there are a lot of trolls out there willing to prove this to be true.

‘Tis better to serve from behind the curtain, our unconscious mind tells us.

And then, women build a quiet little Facebook group, or some other version of hiding out with a couple dozen members, while vowing to never share their work in public, and wonder why that doesn’t work…..

Sister, this won’t work. You need to be wildly visible; all .  of . YOU. You need to share the deep dark secrets of your magic transformative powers. You have to brag loudly about your wisdom and your abilities.

This is freaking uncomfortable in the beginning… but it works as a magnet to draw your right clients to you, so you don’t have to go out and “find them.”

  • Not understanding the language of your tribe.

Words are magic spells.

The right words connect you, heart – to  – heart, with the clients you are meant to serve. The right words validate their emotions and give them hope that they no longer have to feel small and powerless.

Weaving your words into a compelling story allows you to reach the soul of your right tribe creating the intimacy of belonging that compels them to reach out to you.

When you become visible with the right language, you no longer need to find the right clients, because they find you.

With all my heart,

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