The clock turns.

The days, slowly, begin to grow longer.

The shortest day of the year has passed.

While Saturn and Jupiter passed close enough to kiss…

My uncle left this physical plane

And my newest grandson entered.

The calling of 2020 has been to step into the new way, to release old patterns and beliefs, to remake the world and ourselves. 

2021 is almost here, with it’s own set of challenges and wounds.

My sweet Aunt will spend lonely nights, my stepson and his lovely wife will spend sleepless nights.

And for those who have stepped up, stepped into their magic, claimed their wisdom, chosen to walk the Goddess path…

… old betrayals will fall away.

The bitterness of being left cold and alone will be replaced by a new warmth, the comfort of knowing Source mother is always supporting us, Source father is always wrapping us in love.

The acknowledgement of ourselves, by ourselves.

You, sister, are the creator of your life, you are the Goddess.

You have the power, by your choosing, to live a life of abundance.

I’ve come to realize that choosing is not always easy…. except when it is.

When choices are golden and come without effort, then abundance is easy.

Yet, when choice conflict with family beliefs, with ancestral norms, with past life experiences, holding the space for abundance takes so much strength.

My family taught me that money couldn’t be mine… my siblings knew all my hiding places and would steal whatever I earned from babysitting or chores, all  without consequence.

My church taught me that money was evil and suggested that the only way to heaven was to give all I had in holy tithing to the church. (Try that logic on!)

My ancestry taught that I should never make more than my husband, never ‘show him up’ with my power to earn. I’m told that my grandmother left home for work, after my grandfather, and returned home before him to have dinner on the table when he arrived. He never knew she worked to supplement what he earned to support their 6 children.

My ancient soul bits… past lives as witches and nuns… remind me that powerful women are burned at the stake or sent to live hidden in convents.

I choose to leave these lessons behind as the clock turns once again.

I choose instead to claim my magic, the wonder of manifesting money through the weave of words, of facilitating soul healing, and allowing Source to speak wisdom through me for the benefit of my clients.

I choose to live in magic.

As we turn the year… what are you choosing to leave in 2020? What beliefs, states of being, family patterns will you release.

And then, what will you choose instead?

With all my heart,


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