On New Year’s Day we got a visit from the grand girls, complete with cart wheels on the common green. (As they bubble along, we’ve been bubbling with them since June).

Watching them run and play in the sunshine, I was struck with how resilient children are.

Many adults spent much of 2020 wondering what more would we be asked to tolerate… and longing it to be over. While I occasionally heard the girls mutter about not seeing their friends, mostly they focused on what was in front of them. Painting, dressing their baby dolls for a visit to the doctor… then writing up doctor notes on each… rolling in the grass, riding their bikes between our house and theirs… being present.

I find myself catching my breath at the sweetness of these moments. I’m the grandma, and I know how fast these moments pass.

Yet, they have not found this ability to be ok in the midst of a chaotic year alone. They have a support – team of adults to help.

Their Mom and Dad, Papa and I locally. Their other grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins on regular zoom calls. When they melt, we are there for them. When they don’t understand their homework, someone can usually figure it out. When they need celebrating, we cheer.

This is the way it should be.

Yet, for many women, they learn somewhere along the line that they need to do it all themselves. A parent tells them to figure it out, or a spouse scorns them for not knowing, or they simply pick up the societal belief that it’s weak to need help.

We women have to PROVE we are good enough, smart enough, competent enough by doing it all, all by ourselves, better than any team of men could.

Dudes don’t have this hangup. They know the value of a good team, everyone playing their part. Look at any uber-successful man. And all the people who support his success. Mentors, partners, employees, team members. Men know how to ask for help to get where they want to be.

As we open a new year, I feel stronger than ever about my commitment to support women in creating huge flows of money, while staying aligned with their Divine Feminine selves.

Ways you can receive this support:

  • Read the book! And to sweeten the deal, I’ve teamed up with Therese Skelly to offer a two-for-one deal. Love-Based Business Foundation for Women Includes two popular books from the acclaimed Love-Based Business series:

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It’s no secret that marketing is the key to growing successful, profitable businesses.

Yet, if you also want that business to be sustainable, it’s crucial you also make sure you’ve aligned it with your mission.

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  • Join our Facebook GroupFeminine Marketing Magic where we do lots of great business building activities.
  • For women who are serious about growing their business in 2021, schedule a complimentary “Feminine Business Assessment” call (link to calendar) with me to see if I’m the mentor you’ve been seeking.

*Note, I’m not for everyone. I see beyond the veils of the physical world to what you are truly meant to build.I will call you out of hiding, pretending to be less than you are, and playing the victim card.I’ll show you how to open your business to an ever-increasing flow of money and joy.Schedule a call with me if you are serious about doing the work in a way that honors your Divine Feminine and allows you to serve with profit.

With all my heart,


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