I’m feeling nostalgic for new experiences, the open opportunity to reset that table.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my life.

I love time with my little grandgirls, time to create and paint, time with my amazing clients…And I miss being on retreat. I miss Maui, and Salem, and Mexico, and New Orleans and all the other places we’ve been.

I miss taking my clients to new places we haven’t been and discovering how to excel.

My retreat partner, Lindsay A. Miller of Wildly Visible Photography, and I have talked about returning to cities we’ve been before… ya’ know, where we already know the lay of the land.

And there is something appealing about that.

Yet, I know that the experience of navigating fresh experiences and new locations reflects growing into the next level of business.

As your business evolves, new challenges and opportunities show up, and your capacity to shift and respond determines your success.  

So, when the bed and breakfast where you have booked all the rooms for your clients, tells you two weeks before the trip that the old owners disappeared and your reservations won’t be honored… you know how to find alternate housing! (Hello New Orleans!)

And when a pandemic prevents you from hosting a live event, you take a deep breath and shift your teaching to a whole different method.

The world is shifting more rapidly than ever necessitating the ability to evolve quickly.

The need to evolve can cause you to go into lizard brain, frozen in the headlights, small and left behind, fight or flight melt-downs.

This is why belonging to a community of connected, awake, loving fellow business sisters is so critical.

We are not meant to be doing this alone.

Despite Helen Ready’s assertion that being a woman means, “I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never let you forget you’re a man…”, none of us are made to do it ALL, all the time.

You choose to come to the planet for a specific purpose. As you grew up, you developed specific skills that allow you to perform your purpose and serve your people. When you try to be all things to all people and do all the tasks of your business and life, all by yourself, you water down the effectiveness of your magic. Those that are here, hungry for the transformation you provide, are left wanting.

To truly serve your purpose you need:

  • A support team that does the stuff you don’t want to, or aren’t good at, so you can focus on doing what you love.
  • A community that respects and acknowledges your brilliance and who will provide a loving container to melt down, then get back up and back at it quickly.
  • A mentor, sistermind or coach who challenges you when you hide out in helplessness and the cloud of “I don’t know”, someone who understands your journey and celebrates your evolution as you move forward.

 *** Bonus points for having a partner (or fur baby) that understands and supports your dreams. ***

Get the support you deserve. I’m opening my calendar for two women to receive the support and wisdom to:

  • Get really clear on what you are meant to be doing… and let go of what you are not meant to do.
  • Understand your Divine Right Client better than they understand themselves… so that you know what kind of marketing will draw prospects to you, and you can give up chasing clients.
  • Design marketing that speaks directly to your right tribe’s hearts so they feel heard, understood, and validated by you before they even meet you.
  • Develop a list of talking points that address the problems you can solve and give your prospects the right info for saying yes to your offers.
  • Make the internal shifts to embody the version of you that already has the business you desire, which is the energetic key to building with ease and flow vs. push, grind and struggle.

Schedule a complimentary assessment call with me Today to apply for one of the spots.

** This is only for women who are 100% committed to do the work of creating a 6-figure, soul-fueled business. Please apply only if this is you. **

With all my heart,

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