“If only I could find the right clients….

If only they would show up, sign up, be up for the work.

All I would have to do is what I love to do.

All I would have to do is coach/ heal/ serve.”

If somewhere in your brain, this theme runs, listen up.

Because, for your clients to show up, sign up, be up…

you have to show up.

And you have to show up as ALL of who you are.

I used to call my coaching practice, “Kickass Biz Coaching.”

I’d talk about creating funnels and strategies for networking.

Then, secretly, I’d sneak a little magic into my work with clients.

I’d pull a tarot card while on a call, I’d drop into meditation and ask for how to best serve, I’d layer ritual and healing magic into my retreats.

Clients were constantly surprised and delighted with the extra energetic lifts from our sessions.

Yet, I wasn’t about to claim any of that in my marketing.

I wasn’t about to tell anyone that I’d lived past lives as witches (at least three) who continue to bless me with their knowing. That I’ve been able to see and hear beyond the veil my whole life. That I speak with the energy of the businesses my clients desire and know how to direct them in the physical building of it.

Nope…. I wasn’t about to let anyone know how crazy woo woo I was.

Until I did.

And boy, did things blow up.

For the first time in my coaching career, clients started showing up asking if they could hire me. I stopped making myself appear small and harmless.

My first troll showed up to serenade me with his stupid criticism. I felt the Universe acknowledge I was on the right path.

The more I leaned into my magic and shared that magic with my community, the more the right people showed up, the wrong people fell away, and my business grew.

Bringing all of who you are to your business, is the first step in steeping your business in magic.

I will share more about this during one – hour sessions on each of three (3) days in a new masterclass, The Art of a Magical Business, in our Facebook group

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On all three days I’ll share some info, we’ll do some of the “work” together, then I’ll leave you with “homework” to continue the learning and support you in growing your Divine Feminine 6-figure business.

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With all my heart,

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